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Adventure is Calling! We Must Go!


Hot Springs Bathhouse Row

Old documents show that American Indians knew about and baths in Hot Springs during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Their ancestors may have also known about the hot springs. Some believe the waters have healing properties. Scientists have determined that the waters emerging from these hot springs are over 4,000 years old. In 1921…

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Statue Trail of Nacogdoches

Whenever we get a chance to explore a city, I try to come up with a theme to photograph. I first thought I would roam around the campus of Stephen F. Austin University, then I considered documenting the historical buildings, but as I made my way to downtown, I noticed there were several wonderful statues…

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And we’re off…..

As we leave the ranch, I will miss these two little boogers. They will be 6 months older when I see them again. They will have changed so much!! The AC Saga Continues….. We left Dripping Springs on 6/3 due to some anticipated weather, but we only moved down the street. We officially left DS…

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Home on the Ranch Planning 2019

We have been on the ranch for exactly two months, and it’s been a busy couple of months. Bob is working on his consulting business, I’ve been working on scouting out good photography locations and have been able to snag some great sunsets and sunrises, and we have visited friends and family. Visiting my favorite…

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Stats on the Trip

We have been home for almost a month now, and have been so busy just trying to make our spot livable at the ranch.  I thought I would share some interesting facts from our trip: 44 RV PARKS/STATE PARKS/NATIONAL PARKS:  We stayed in 44 RV Parks on the road.  Some great and some not so…

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Our Third and LAST RV!!

Here we are 5000 miles and 3 months into our trip around the west, and we knew we were going to have to get a diesel RV.  Trying to pull those inclines, and even dealing with the declines, through Montana and Washington, we knew a stronger RV was in our future.  We just figured we…

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Our Second RV

Knowing we needed a bigger RV in order to live in it, Bob started his search.  We knew we wanted a Class A Motorhome, and we like Winnebago very much so we thought we would stick with that.  I believe it was in January when Bob called me at the grocery store and said, ‘Drop…

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Our First RV

Last summer (2017), Bob and I decided to look into buying a camper again. Several years ago, we bought a Jayco camper and had so much fun traveling to State Parks that we thought we would do it again.  As we searched high and low for just the right one, we visited PPL numerous times…

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