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Adventure is Calling! We Must Go!

Stats on the Trip

We have been home for almost a month now, and have been so busy just trying to make our spot livable at the ranch.  I thought I would share some interesting facts from our trip:

44 RV PARKS/STATE PARKS/NATIONAL PARKS:  We stayed in 44 RV Parks on the road.  Some great and some not so great.  

4 BOON DOCKING EXPERIENCES:  We first set out to boon dock as much as we could but it didn’t turn out that way.  We first boon docked in the Tetons.  It rained the first two days we were there so we were sort of stuck.  We stayed for 5 days (the limit) before moving to an RV park.  Our second experience was in Montana where we couldn’t get level enough to open all the slides.  We were also sort of twisted and it messed up the fridge.  Our third, was at the Joshua Tree National Park.  The fourth, and last, boon docking experience was at the end of the trip when we spent the last day on the road in Boerne.  There will be more on the boon docking subject in other blogs.

2 RVS:  We started the trip in a 2003 La Palma Monaco gas engine Class A RV.  Mid way thru the trip, we upgraded to a 2006 Holiday Rambler Endeavor diesel pusher Class A motorhome.

7063 MILES:  We put 7063 miles on two RVs.  We got an average of 7-9 mpg between two RV’s.  

9000 MILES:  We put approximately 9000 miles on the Juke.  We got approximately 34 mpg.

10 HOTELS:  We took a few side trips where we stayed in hotels/cabins.  We put the coach in the shop and stayed in a cute cabin for several days.  We met our good friends from Boerne and traveled around Washington.  We took a trip up into Canada, stayed at a hotel in Yosemite, and stayed at friends beautiful home in Montana.

1 CRUISE SHIP:  We took an inside passage cruise in Alaska in July.  We met some fun fellow photographers, got some great photographs, and had a nice break from the coach.

7 FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  We had breakfast in Salt Lake City with a niece, visited my college roommate and her husband in Montana, traveled with our best traveling buddies in Washington, had dinner at the house of a high school friend, got to visit with family in Fresno, got to spend the day with a nephew in San Diego, and had family visit us in Sedona.

2 PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS:  I was lucky enough to do a workshop in the Tetons with Mandy Lea Photography, and a wildlife workshop with Kathleen Reeder Photography.

201 DAYS ON THE ROAD:  We left May 15, 2018 and returned back to the ranch December 1, 2018, that equates to 201 days on the road.  

WALKED 2,240,428 STEPS: We have pedometers that track our every step. This is my calculation, and due to different gaits, Bob’s number will be different. We hiked every chance we got.

HIKED/WALKED 897 MILES: We hiked trails, walked neighborhoods, and saw everything we could see.

LAST, but by no means LEAST, I took 42,342 pictures!!  I usually had 3 cameras working at any given time.  I used my cell phone, Olympus Tough G camera, and my Olympus OMD 10 for a lot of the travel and shots on the go.  I used my Olympus M1 Mark II for the professional shots, and the M1 Mark 1 as a back up.  Whew!!!  Click on a ‘View Gallery’ of your choice to see the pictures.

This was an experience of a lifetime and we look forward to our next adventure.

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